Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does it work?

When you sign up, we start by taking an in-depth look at your account to identify your ideal target audience. Next, we compile a list of target accounts whose current following is well-aligned with your ideal target audience.

From there, we are able to isolate the most engaged followers of those accounts and interact with them via liking and following, to draw their attention to your page. Given that they are already following an account similar to yours, those individuals will be predisposed to be interested in your content, which creates a high probability that they will choose to follow your account.

Over time, we are able to see which target accounts are yielding the highest conversion ratio for your page, and we refine our process based on that data to create an ultra-targeted strategy for your account.

Q: What are Target Accounts?

Target Accounts are pages on Instagram whose current following is well-aligned with your ideal target audience. Think of any other accounts that may be similar to your page in nature. Don’t forget to include the accounts of your competitors.

*Pro Tip: We recommend selecting target accounts that have 150,000 followers or less. This is because accounts with less followers typically have a more niche audience, so targeting these accounts will yield a more focused result.

Q: What is a conversion? How is my conversion rate calculated?

As it pertains to Fuzzy Marketing, a conversion occurs when a user chooses to follow your account in direct response to an action that we perform on our end. As such, your conversion rate is calculated by dividing the total number of followers gained by the total number of actions we perform. In other words, you can think of your conversion rate as somewhat of a follow-back rate.

What separates Fuzzy Marketing from any other Instagram growth service is that we are able to calculate the conversion rate for each account on your target list. In doing so, we can see exactly which audiences your page is resonating with, then refine our targeting based on that data.

Q: Are these real followers?

Absolutely. We are able to drive highly targeted traffic to your page by engaging with members of your target audience. However, the degree to which these individuals choose to follow your page will depend on a variety of factors, including content quality and posting frequency among many others.

Q: How does the targeting work?

We implement a number of different processes as a part of our overall targeting strategy. One major component of our strategy is our target sources, which fall under three main categories:

* Target Accounts
* Target Hashtags
* Target Locations

As we have mentioned above, target accounts allow us to interact with users who are engaging with accounts similar to yours. In addition, target hashtags allow us to interact with users who have posted content using your desired hashtag. Finally, target locations allow us to interact with users who have posted content geotagged at your desired location.

Q: Is your service safe? Are there any risks?

Absolutely. Our service works well within the constraints of Instagram’s Terms of Service. We constantly keep a close eye on Instagram’s policies to ensure there is no risk of your account getting banned from using our service.

Q: Do I need to provide my Instagram password?

Yes, in order for us to implement our process, we will need access to your account. As such, we will need you to provide your Instagram password so we can get your account all set up on our end.

Q: Will you be posting on my Instagram?

No. We will not posting on your Instagram.

Q: Am I guaranteed to gain the number of followers stated on my plan?

The ranges outlined for each plan are simply estimates based on historical data. Given that results may vary from one account to another, we cannot guarantee that any one account will gain a specific number of followers. we provide reporting specific to your account, which includes data-driven growth projections among other key metrics that we track.

Q: Am I locked into any contract?

No. We offer subscription plans that are on a monthly basis. If you are not pleased with our service, you are free to cancel at any time and if you are pleased with our service you can Save money with 3 month or yearly packages.

Q: What does “Whitelist Import” mean?

Your Whitelist is the group of accounts that are safe from being affected by our process. Before we begin working on your account, we import your current following list to your Whitelist to ensure that those accounts do not get unfollowed through our process.

Q: Do you offer agency rates?

Yes, we do offer discounted rates for agencies looking to bring on multiple accounts. If you’re interested in learning more about our agency rates, please contact us at

Q: Do you provide growth on other platforms?

We Currently only Provide Growth on the Instagram platform.

Q: I just completed my order, what now?

One of our lovely account managers will be reaching out to you shortly to get your account all set up on our end. Please keep an eye out for the account verification notification that will appear as we try to access your account.